Finally getting to shoot my 63

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Finally getting to shoot my 63

Post by cjensen » Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:29 am

Long path to shoot this.
Ordered it through Bill Goodman 8/2013.
Got it in 1/2015. By this time my shoulder was in too much pain to shot it when the weather finally cleared.
Shoulder replaced in 8/2015.
Picked up a 38-55 highwall to shot at Quigley this year and did exceptional poor, I was not going to go and decided at the last minute with nothing worked up for the new highwall and had not shot for a very long time. Had fun.
Last week I finally got the courage to face the 45 1863,
It's a pleasant looking .45 cal #1 sporter, heavy half, stnd wood, xx finish, pewter tip and steel shotgun butt. Nothing fancy. Just enough to look good enough.
I ordered a .45 cal to shoot up all my leftovers from casting for my 45-70's. The 520-540 grainers are a bit too much recoil on my new shoulder. Accuracy with 70 grains of loose shutzen 2ff is very good. First targets were at 50yds with everything in a 2 inch circle. Recoil was too much.
Next trip out I tried a friends 405 Lee HB bullets, Things were looking really good at 100 yards and then the front sight started sliding in the dovetail.
I had MVA mount the sight at Quigley in 2015 and the only thing holding the sight in place was the .050 set screw. No tension from the dovetail what so ever. Tuesday I was shooting a gould bullet that was doing fine at 100 yards. Pretty much does as well as my 74's, 75's and 85 when I do my part.

I also have an early 63 Farmingdale carbine SN 2XX with a patchbox and double set trigger in 50 cal (NO saddle ring).
Dovetailed front sight.
After having my shoulder replaced I am not too excited about the recoil of the 50 carbine. I just started shooting my .45 63 and have had to order a new mold as my 540 grainers are too stiff.
I am considering using a TJ liner in .357. It has an OD of .500".
I have never heard of a liner in a 63. Looks like I would not have to drill out the barrel for the .357.
a .376 line would need to be drilled out.
Have you heard of anyone doing this?

Todd Birch
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Re: Finally getting to shoot my 63

Post by Todd Birch » Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:03 pm

I have a .50 Farmingdale '63 SRC carbine. With 55 grs FFg and 450 Lyman 515141 bullets, it is very accurate and a pussy cat to shoot.
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