finally shot new 63

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finally shot new 63

Post by wireman » Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:40 pm

I ordered a #1 28in standard half & half full buckhorn rear sight & a schuetzen ting shight , pewter tip in 40cal on 12-30-13 . Got it in hand 3yr 7 months later . (been a bit busy )Today it was in the 80s 13mph winds so I made time to try it out . It worked great. Tried some diff. loads just to see how they worked . It likes real BP the best . Only shot 26 rounds & the block was still working fine . To my surprise the Hahn tubes that I had loaded with 60gr for my 54cal fit in chamber & worked as they should .I was using a 264gr bullet (if I remember right) . The buckhorn sight needed a little tweeking & the nut at the back of the stock needs some work , but all in all it's every nice rifle . Didn't try out the tang sight . Shiloh did a every nice job on this one & I'm blessed to have it .

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Re: finally shot new 63

Post by Michael Johnson » Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:35 pm

Great to hear about your new 1863, I have a couple of 1874's but one of these days I would like to order a 63 if they ever start to make them again. Post some pictures for us please!
Mike Johnson
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