Farmingdale Production Date

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Re: Farmingdale Production Date

Post by Tomklinger » Sun May 20, 2018 6:01 am

I hope this dials you in on the production date of your Sharps...
I ordered my Farmingdale Sharps 50-3-1/4 in late Feb of 1982 in Carson City Nevada, for under $700. Received the rifle about 6 weeks later, April 10, 1982 it's ser.# 4983.....
Tom Klinger

D. Taylor Sapergia
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Re: Farmingdale Production Date

Post by D. Taylor Sapergia » Fri Jun 01, 2018 12:23 pm

Taylor and his Sharps.jpg
This is the only image of my Farmingdale NY Shiloh Sharps serial # 3004. I bought it as a barreled action while attending a joint NMLRA/NAPR rendezvous in Montana in 1979. I stocked it myself with Claro walnut. It was chambered in 45 x 3 1/3 SS and I found the recoil wore me down after prolonged shooting, so I rebarreled it with a Harry McGowan 28" business barrel chambered in 50 Alaskan, thinking that a fat express bullet would be the ticket. The best shooting slug I've found so far is a 600 gr. BACo bullet over 90 gr. of 1 1/2 Fg Swiss, so I have not escaped the recoil thing. As I age, I'm enjoying the beating less and less, so today, I am expecting delivery of my new Shiloh Sharps rifle in 45-70. When it arrives, and I've had time to photograph it, I'll post some pictures of the two rifles together.
Regarding the Farmingdale rifle: I had an issue with a broken tumbler, so I made a new one while I sent the original back to NY, and Shiloh thankfully replaced I have a spare for the rifle. I've had to repair my firing pin block twice. First, the pin itself separated at its base, so I filed it flush and installed a new drill rod pin. It worked fine until the block itself sheared off at the dog-leg. A nice clean fracture from not having been tempered back enough, I silver soldered it back together again, and it has been working well every since.
The rifle has harvested quite a few moose over the years, and won its share of prizes, but I'm looking forward very much to wringing out the new Shiloh.
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