Smithmoor July BPCR Match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor July BPCR Match

Post by jackrabbit » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:15 pm

Fellow shooters,

We had a very enjoyable NRA BPCR match this past Saturday at the Smithmoor Range in Carpenter, Wyoming. Although I know our friends from Texas and Oklahoma are going to laugh, the humidity and temperatures were terribly high for us at 45% and 99 degrees. There was a bit of a breeze and we had the covering over the firing line to shade us, so it was bearable. 8 riflemen braved the heat to come out to shoot. I suspect several of our normal other regulars were busy taking care of things before they leave for the National Championships at Raton this coming week. We wish everyone good luck out there and hope to see some of our shooters and friends in the winner's circles.

There have been a lot of great meals served at the matches here at Smithmoor, but I think Saturday's meal may have taken the cake. Holy-moly, I thought it was good! Smoked tri-tip was sliced up and served with potato salad, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, chips and salsa, and (maybe my personal favorite) fruit pizza. My kids decorated one up to look like a rainbow and the other like a forest. I enjoyed eating it as much as they enjoyed making it…LOL. Thank you my mom and dad (Gary and Lorraine) for such a super match meal!

There were several events of note that occurred. First of all, it is always exciting to have a new shooter come out and Thom Moore from Buffalo Wyoming made it out to shoot with us for the first time. Thom is not a first time shooter, but was new to us and we are glad to have him. He fit right in and will hopefully be a regular face. Thank you for making the effort to come shoot with us Thom!

Our range record for a 40 shot match at Smithmoor is 33. Before that, it was a 32 that held for a couple of years. I am not sure why some super scores have not been fired here, but as you can see, anything above a 30 is a good score. Jack Odor did some fine shooting and shot a 32 to win the match! He dropped his first pig, which as you can imagine was rather irritating, otherwise he would have tied the range record. There was some funny changing breezes and a stiff, variable mirage, so it was definitely no cake walk. I had suggested to Jack that maybe some of his great score could be attributed to a top notch spotter (me), but he didn't think so. All those who shoot here know that the ribbing never ends. Good shooting Jack!

After getting a new prescription for contacts, Jim Rodebaugh has discovered that he can now see his open sights and he shot his first match in a long time without his scope. He was pleased with his score. Joe Kapler rang a ram with a direct hit to the neck. It was pretty crazy it didn't go over. Newer shooter Dan Womer is getting things figured out and shot a great 22 to win our combined AA/A class. Good shooting Dan! We were also pleased to see David Heintz make the long trip up from southern Colorado to shoot with us.

The 22 BPCRA National Championships are this coming Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th of July, with the big bore scope sight on the 31st of July and August 1st and the iron sight national championship on August 2nd and 3rd. We are looking forward to seeing so many of our friends there!

Also, plans are coming together for the Wyoming State Championship that is being held at Smithmoor the third weekend in August. It is filling up, so get your entries in if you are thinking of coming. We are also doing another raffle for another one of Jim's custom knives. For all of you that say if they drew every ticket out of the bucket, yours would be the last one, this may be the drawing for you! We are doing a reverse raffle and it should be fun. First prize will be the knife, 2nd prize is $250 and 3rd prize is $100. Tickets are $20 apiece and only 100 will be sold. A maximum of 5 tickets per person will be allowed. Contact us for tickets. The money generated will be used for range improvements such as some AR plate targets.

Hope to see everyone on the range soon,

Cody Smith

Shooter Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place


Jack Odor 4 9 10 9 32 MW

Cody Smith 4 10 3 9 26

Joe Kapler 2 9 6 7 1/2 24 1/2

Kevin Finney 1 10 6 8 25


Thom Moore 2 5 5 5 17

Dan Womer 2 9 6 5 22 1st

Jim Rodebaugh 0 8 6 8 22

David Heintz 3 9 4 5 21

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