Smithmoor April BPCR Match

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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Smithmoor April BPCR Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:10 am

Fellow Shooters, 4/28/2019
As much as I like green grass and baby calves, I have to admit spring is a rather stressful time for us here at the Smith farm. It is a very busy time of year. I apologize for not getting the match write up out sooner, but after taking on helping teach a hunter safety class this week, I just couldn't get it all to fit. We suffered a long dry spell of no shooting BPCR Silhouette at Smithmoor Range due to poor weather this winter, but we were finally blessed with a very nice day to shoot this past Saturday, April 20th. I was pleased with the turn out as 12 rifleman made it to shoot. It proved to be a very enjoyable match.
The conditions were quite variable with some relays drawing absolutely beautiful calm and little mirage, while just a few minutes later the next relay would have to manage some stiff winds and thicker mirage. I am not sure it really mattered as far as the scores, however, as they were quite readable and manageable. In fact, some rather poor scores were shot in the calm and some great scores were made in the stiff, changing winds. Go figure, I know I was a little frustrated.
The big news this month was Joe Kapler killing a super 32 with 3 chickens! He cleaned the turkeys and rams and was on his way to earning a clean prone pin, but dropped a pig on the last relay. Arg! Those darned pigs! You have to remember the Smithmoor Range Record is only 33. That was some super shooting Joe! Due to back injuries, Joe shoots from the sitting position and uses a 35 caliber rifle as heavier recoil hurts him. It is always good to see Joe shoot well and we all like to see him win. It is amazing what can be overcome with a little work and a lot of determination.
Other news was we were trying out the new target system this month in preparation for our Smithmoor Cup Match coming up over Memorial Weekend. Through donations to the range, we purchased new AR plate turkey and ram targets. Our old ones were just mild steel and were getting a little beat up. We tried something a little new in that we set the targets up on hinges so they just fall backward onto padded stands. I thought they worked quite well and the shooters seemed to like them. They are nice because they are a lot less effort to reset because you don't have to lift them off the ground and then heave them to nearly waist height to set them on the rail. They also end up reset perfectly each time with no mud or dirt stuck to them. We really put a lot of money and effort into them, so hopefully they are a positive improvement. We plan on doing the pigs next year.
Momma Lorraine brought out homemade meatloaf with potato salad and green beans for lunch. It was sure good, but it got a little short as we had a few more shooters show up than I thought would make it. Hopefully everyone got enough, we'll make up for it next month, I promise! There were several boxes of donuts to go with our morning coffee, too. Thanks to everyone that helps with the food, we all appreciate it very much. I wanted to also put a thanks out to Dad for helping with the match even though he didn't shoot. He was a top notch spotter and lots of fun. Thanks Dad!
After our Match Winner Joe Kapler, we broke the rest of the shooters into 2 groups. Our A/AA class winner was Dick Hennebry with a respectable 19. Our AAA/Master class actually had a tie between Jack Odor and Bryan Youngberg with 27's. Jack had a few more chickens so he earned the 1st place pin.
We have plenty of room left for our matches over Memorial weekend, so please think about entering if you are interested. Saturday May 25th will be the Smithmoor Cup match consisting of a 40 shot BPCR silhouette match with a 10 shot extra station. Sunday and Monday will be two 40 shot 22 BPCR matches for the Rocky Mountain Regional 22 BPCRA Championship. We have some great prizes and food planned and it promises to be a great match. I hope to see you all then!
take care, Cody
Shooter Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Michael Rix 3 8 5 6 22
Jack Odor 5 10 4 8 27 1st
Cody Smith 4 9 8 4 25
Bryan Youngberg 2 9 7 9 27
Lee Wolff 2 7 3 7 19
Mark Pachares 0 9 7 10 26
Jim Rodebaugh 3 9 6 4 22
Joe Kapler 3 9 10 10 32 MW!!!

Greg Bybee 2 0 3 3 8
Dick Hennebry 0 10 3 6 19 1st
Dan Womer 1 6 4 4 15
David Heintz 2 8 2 3 15

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Re: Smithmoor April BPCR Match

Post by Geologist » Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:01 pm

I would like to thank my spotter Jim R., and Mark P. and Jim R. for setting targets for me. You guys make it possible.

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