40-70 SBN

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40-70 SBN

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I read a few accounts of the 40-70SBN being dropped because fired case were sticking in the chambers. I own an original 1874 Mid range #1 in 40-70 SBN. I haven't experienced any sticking or accuracy issues as is generally talked about. Were the cases made of copper back in the day? As for accuracy, with a relatively slow 20-1, twist one can only use up to a 350 grain head. Heavier / longer bullets won't stabilize. I shoot 330 grain PP bullets and accuracy is 2" @ 100yds. Not too shabby for an old smoke pole.
Thanks. Frank.
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Re: 40-70 SBN

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Frank, nothing wrong with the 40-70 2.25" SBN. It was the standard chambering of the Mid Range Target rifle during the Hartford years. When Sharps moved to Bridgport Conn. they changed to the 40-70 2.5" Sharps Straight cartridge as the standard chambering. Today brass is as easily available as 45-90 which can be formed into 40-70-2.25" SBN. Enjoy your piece of history. Bobw
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