Smithmoor January 22's #2

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Smithmoor January 22's #2

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Smithmoor Gang, 2/4/23

The “C” word. I hate it, and those that know me know I try not to hate much. It has got to be the most debilitating, foulest, degenerative, paralyzing negative word that ever existed. Although Coralee does not agree, I would rather catch my children using a variety of other four letter words than that awful “C” word. They well know not to use it around me for fear of the wrath they will endure. For those that don’t know, I will only use it once here so they can know. The dreaded word is of course “can’t.”

The weather is what brings up the subject. Last Saturday, when we held our second January 22 BPCR silhouette match, we experienced some of the worst visibility we have seen here at Smithmoor. It was a cold, overcast day, and the sun never really peaked out. Added to that were intermittent snow squalls and periods of thick fog. There were multiple times throughout the day that the turkeys and rams were barely visible with the naked eye. As usual, I am so proud of our shooters. They said “I CAN shoot in this” and away we went. It was truly amazing how well one can shoot when they think they can. There were some great scores shot for any condition, and if you had been there to see the lack of visibility, you would hardly believe that scores of that caliber were even possible in that kind of weather. One of my favorite quotes is credited to Henry Ford. He said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.” I believe that whole heartedly, and think the single worst thing you can do as a shooter is either think or say “I can’t do this.” Guess what, you are right.

Dad stepped up and did lunch this match. Sloppy Joe sandwiches with pepe salad and chocolate zucchini cake. Thanks Mom and Dad! There were also a bunch of morning donuts as well. Thank you to all that bring those delectable treats!

We had fun with the Texas Star fifth station this month. The rules were unlimited sighters on the gong but only 10 record shots and you had to shoot the gongs that were beneath the bar. I also only gave the shooters 6 minutes to complete it. It finally got to be a little tricky as it has been too easy all season. It was all for fun and many of the shooters forgot to write their score down. February is offhand month, so next match it will be offhand! Yahooo!!!

1st in AA/A class went to a very pleased Danny Glick with a 29 and 4 chickens! Great score Danny! I bet we see him moving up in the near future. Our two AAA entries managed to tie this month with 25’s. Ed Himelhoch came out on top by reverse animal count and took home the certificate. Master Class went to Dick Hennebry with a solid 31 and clean prone. Dick is becoming known as Mr. Clean Prone as this was his 16th clean prone pin and he has earned more than any other shooter. Awesome shooting Dick! Especially when one knows the conditions he shot it in. Grand Master class went to Michael Rix who also shot a clean prone and a 31. I tell ya, it was just absolutely crazy how those guys could clean the prone when they couldn’t hardly even see the targets! I suspect there was a bit of Star Wars Jedi Use the Force stuff going on…. Great Shooting Fellas! I was pleased to smack a bunch of chickens and end up the Match Winner this month.

Thank you everyone for supporting our matches. February will be a busy month with 22 BPCR silhouette matches on the 11th and the 25th, and our Winter Target Championship is the 17th, 18th, and 19th. There is still room to enter, so please let me know if you are interested.

Take care my friends,

Shooter Gong Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Grand Master
Michael Rix 8 1 10 10 10 31 clean prone 1st
Steve Anderson – 4 5 9 9 27
Cody Smith 5(OH) 8 10 10 9 37 MW
Grizz 9 1 10 7 5 23
Dan Womer 0 3 10 9 6 28

Gary Smith 4 1 10 10 8 29
Dick Hennebry – 1 10 10 10 31 clean prone 1st
Sir Billy Acklin – 1 10 9 7 27
Michael Jackson – 1 9 9 5 24
Coralee Smith 9 0 10 6 9 25
Joe Kapler 9 2 9 9 10 30
Greg Bybee 10 4 10 2 9 26

Keith Kelly – 0 10 7 8 25
Ed Himelhoch – 2 10 8 5 25 1st

Danny Glick 10 4 9 7 9 29 1st
Tighe Moritz 3 1 3 4 5 16
Roger Decker 4 0 10 8 8 26
Kristen Womer 3 2 6 6 3 17
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Re: Smithmoor January 22's #2

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Cody is too modest. He shot all the pigs, all the turkeys and only missed one ram and the condition was such at rams that my spotter told me he was headed for the wood stove since he couldn't see anything at the rams through the spotting scope. I shot at the bar holding the swinger so we could see the splash in the dirt, never hit the swinger. I got lucky to say the least and had confidence at the Lapua Biathlon Extreme would hold in the wind and super cold condition. With that said Cody was shooting iron sights!!!!!!!!!! Talk about the Jedi. How Cody got 9 rams and all the turkeys is beyond me, except he such a talented rifleman he accomplishes the impossible. 8 chickens kicked our butts to the curb. I told him before the match that one of us would beat him, the visibility was so bad, not going to happen with his "I can" attitude. Great shooting my friend!!!!!!!
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Re: Smithmoor January 22's #2

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Thank you Dick. Your accolades mean more to me than you realize.
take care, Cody
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