Creedmoor, Oak Ridge, TN

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Re: Creedmoor, Oak Ridge, TN

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There is also another Facebook page called “Creedmoor 150 (1874-2024)”. There are more pictures in there as well and that page is ran by the match director
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Re: Creedmoor, Oak Ridge, TN

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Thanks Ian for the info. Always enjoy looking at pictures and the rifles used. Will check it out.
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Re: Creedmoor, Oak Ridge, TN

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For those on Facebook (or considering joining) I too have a group - ‘Long Range Target Shooting with the Black Powder Rifle

It covers long range target shooting with the percussion muzzle loading rifle and black powder cartridge rifle. Historical study and shooting today. 19th Century competition at Wimbledon, Creedmoor and Dollymount. The rifles, ammunition and equipment, riflemen and gunmakers. There’s a world wide membership.

Also look up Kenny’s group - ‘Sharps Rifles, from Creedmoor to the plains

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Re: Creedmoor, Oak Ridge, TN

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Glad you are all getting the word out and with pics too. It does attract attn and some you don't want. I'll do without don't need a damn thing from fakebook and zucker. bobw
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