2024 .22 BPCR matches Cheyenne, WY

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2024 .22 BPCR matches Cheyenne, WY

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I know this is very early but it is provided for planning purposes.  Entry form will be out later. I did not include info about the Smithmoor matches, August 7-11, 2024.  They will send that out later.

6th Annual .22 Mid-Range BPCRA National Championships 2024

PRESENTED BY: Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club

LOCATION: Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club Outdoor Range – 10 miles northwest of Cheyenne, WY. Go north on Interstate 25 to Exit 16, Horse Creek Road, West on Horse Creek Road for 3.3 miles to Telephone Road go North on Telephone Road for 2 miles. Turn East on dirt road for ½ mile to range gate. The match will be shot at the high-power range on East end of range. The electronic gate will be open to all access from 0700 till about 1000 when the gate will be closed and locked.  When leaving the range the gate will open without a code, please go slow to avoid hitting the gate.

 MATCH DATE: Aug 6th, 2024

POINT OF CONTACT: Dick Hennebry, rhennebry at Bresnan dot net

A. Standard Mid-Range 200-yard SR target from 200 yards. 40 Minute relay for 15 record shots. 4 sighter shots total after the first one cuts paper.
B. Reduced 300-yard SR-42 target from 200 yards. 40 Minute relay for 15 record shots. 4 sighter shots total after the first one cuts paper.
C. Reduced 600-yard SR-52 target from 200 yards. 40 Minute relay for 15 record shots. 4 sighter shots total after the first one cuts paper.
D. One single prep period per pit change. So, two shooters set up on fire point and prep together.

.22 LR BPTRA Rifle (Meets BPTRA Classification) iron or scope sights. Any Position, prone, Cross Sticks, sitting on the ground or on a short stool with no back or arms, also bench, using bench cross sticks and only the elbows and shoulder for rear support, No wrist Rest.


PIT DUTY: All competitors are required to perform pit duty which includes, spotting hits, setting targets up and putting targets away after the match.

• 7:30-0800 set up on 200-yard line
• 0800 roll call and safety briefing in the pits
• 8:45 first shot down range

ENTRY FEE: $30 early entry (postmarked on or before August 1st),  $40 thereafter. Walk on’s are welcome but limited to targets prepared and ability to squad the individual(s).

ENTRY LIMIT: This event will be limited to the first 48 entries.

SQUADDING: This event will consist of 2 relays with 4-person squads (shooter, spotter/coach, 2 in pit).

SHOOTING POINTS: shooting point assigned by match director prior to the match date.

ACCOMODATIONS: There is no camping at the range. Lunch may be available. Water available.

ENTRY: Advance entry is required, and entries should be received by August 5, 2024. No walk-up shooters unless they may be squadded with an existing squad needing an additional shooter. Maximum number of shooters is 48.

A .22 Mid-Range match will be held on July 28, 2024, on the Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club high power range also. It is the same format as the .22 BPCR Mid-Range National Championships. Advance notification to Dick Hennebry is requested so adequate targets may be readied. Rhennebry at Bresnan dot net.

A fun .22 BPCRA sanctioned .22 Silhouette match is scheduled for August 5, 2024, at 0900 at the Cheyenne Rifle and Pistol Club silhouette range. No entry fee, no prizes, just a good time, come out and warm up for the Smithmoor match.
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