Mike Venturino

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Ray Newman
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Mike Venturino

Post by Ray Newman »

From the Colt Forum:

I just got the word Mike is in hospice and not expected to live out the week.
I don’t know if he will be back on the forum. I was asked to post this.
This is such a shock and so sad.
my heart goes out to him, all of us, and his family. He is family to those of us that are part of GUNS, American Handgunner, and other magazines, as well as here.
God’s speed Mike.

https://www.coltforum.com/threads/mike- ... 7/#replies

Also: Posted by MLV on 5/29 at 5:2 PM

Guys, I'm still hanging in there. Bedridden and unable to walk but one of the drugs they are plying me with is strengthening my heart. The doc said today that if I left today i might not survive the two hour drive home but if I will stay here a couple more days they can send me home with that drug. It might give me a few weeks. Regardless my shooting and writing days are over. You guys and others like you have made it possible for me to have had such a wonderful life. I ithank you.

https://www.rugerforum.com/threads/mike ... no.315310/
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Don McDowell
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by Don McDowell »

Gods speed Mike.
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Kirk Stovall
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by Kirk Stovall »

I never thought this would happen, but it has. Mike’s heart has been bad since they left him on a gurney in the emergency room at the hospital after suffering a heart attack several years ago. The damage was severe and with the heart, irreparable.

He is clear of mind and taking this quite admirably, better than I.

I am hoping to get some time with him once he gets home, there is so much we need to get done, and little or no time to do it.

Mike is one of the few that had a great outlook on life and people and will leave this world a better place for his being here…
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by Griff »

I've been hurting for you too, Kirk. You're on my mind as well, knowing your friendship with Mike.
Dangerous Freedom
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by J.B. »

So very saddened to hear this news. Mike our prayers and thoughts are with you, your family and close friends. You've been a 'light in the dark' for more than a few who've ventured into shooting these magnificent single shots, not to mention lever guns and single actions. You and your publications have been a ready reference for thousands and will remain so. Thank you for your research, your effort and your time. We, ..none of us knows what time we have and God willing you're granted the time you need.
best regards
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Lumpy Grits
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Re: Mike Venturino

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I was not aware of MLV's heart issues. :shock:
Have truly enjoyed his writings :!:
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by Freedom »

Mike has the most genuine smile. He just loves to be shooting, and a fun man to shoot with.
Thank you for everything Mike!
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by Clarence »


We're praying for you and Yvonne.

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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by JayGlenn »

Gods speed MIKE. Thank you for all your articles. I have them all. Encouragement with BPCR. YOU ARE A LEDGEND FOR THE AGES. GET WELL PLEASE.
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by bdelatorre »

I am sorry to hear this bad news. We had run into each other at many a match. He was a great person to be around.... One of the best.
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Tasmanian Rebel
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Re: Mike Venturino

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Mike you’re in my prayers!

Keith Lay
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by JCP »

Praying for you Mike and family.
Your contribution to the shooting world can't be measured.
Ken Heier
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by Ken Heier »

My prayers are with you and Yvonne, Mike. I was shocked to come on the forum and learn of your plight after not looking in here for a long time. I hope for a Miracle for you Mike. I met you soon after you arrived in Big Timber, and have very much enjoyed your company and you letting myself (and many others) shoot your military weapons at various matches, and have greatly enjoyed your writing through the many years. My Heart breaks for your Yvonne.

I sincerely compliment you on the success you have achieved in your chosen field. You have become a Legend and a great model for young writers to come, and a True Gentleman.

I hope you survive this, Mike, but if God chooses to take you to a New Range, I didn't want you to leave us without having the chance to say Goodbye and Godspeed Mike. You will have left the world a better place for having been here with us all Sir.

Ken Heier
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by Freedom »

Things have taken a "turn for the better" for Mike!
art ruggiero
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Re: Mike Venturino

Post by art ruggiero »

mike i never met you but know you thru your writings i hope to shoot with you some time in the future art ruggiero
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