Winds kicking up in Forsyth

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Re: Winds kicking up in Forsyth

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semtav wrote: Sun Jun 16, 2024 6:30 pm
Shady_Lane wrote: Sun Jun 16, 2024 5:48 pm Thank goodness Forsyth has a tire shop I can hit up tomorrow.

C’est la vie.
You won't be the only one hitting the tire shop tomorrow.
Steve, Reid, and a couple other folks from Nebraska got my flat changed. My spare seemed fine, but when I drove a short distance on it, it didn’t feel right. I looked and it was also flat.

Luckily, I was parked next to Walter and Larry from South Dakota. Walter was able to help me with his small air compressor. He pumped up my spare and invited me to join them for dinner. All I had in the car was almonds and a pack of peanut butter crackers. They’re staying the night so if my spare doesn’t hold air overnight, he said he’d take me to town to make sure my tire gets fixed.

This damsel in distress made some new friends, got a warm meal, and the air her spare needed. Love the people here. :D
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Winds kicking up in Forsyth

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This year I brought my other twin grandson, Gabe with me.
Louize once again did an excellent job serving as chaperone.
We ended Saturday shooting offhand.
Gabe made 1 hit i 2.
Our totals were a tie with 15 hits!
Sunday was a real adventure, neither of us who shared the same 1874 Sharps connected with our 1st target the Buffalo.
With the Octagon Gabe made 2 hits and i one.
Gabe scored 18/48 while grandpaZ scored 16/48.
Gabe, soon to be 16, did win the the junior raffle-a Henry Golden Boy Ducks Unlimited 22 rifle.
He broke it in Saturday am by 'nailing' two prairie dogs!
Have a good day!
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Re: Winds kicking up in Forsyth

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A day neither Gabe nor Grandpa will ever forget. Good memories made. :wink:
Sometimes you get the chicken, and sometimes you get the feathers!
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