Smithmoor January BPCR Match

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Smithmoor January BPCR Match

Post by jackrabbit » Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:03 pm

Fellow Shooters,
Despite being fairly blustery, we had a very enjoyable match yesterday, January 20th. I was hesitant to hold it, but I had several enthusiastic shooters encourage us to have it and we are glad we did! Temperatures varied from the high 20's to the high 30's with a stiff 15-20 mph wind. We had to clamp all the lay down targets as the wind was strong enough they would all blow over before the target setters could get back. Dad had the clubhouse stove burning extra hot and it was sure nice to warm up with. It really made the shooting enjoyable as you could go warm up whenever you got a little chilled.

We had ten brave riflemen come out to shoot. Dick Hennebry, Roger Stearns, Coralee, and Dad all enjoyed the camaraderie and the warm stove, but elected not to shoot. We were blessed with three new shooters this month. Link Smith, Dan Womer, and Scott Kirby all did really well for being so new. I hope they had fun and will come back when it is warmer! In AA/A class we had Jim Rodebaugh shoot a respectable 23 in the challenging conditions to win 1st. Kevin Finney gave me a run for my money by tying with a 27 and winning 1st in Master/AAA class. It was late and cold enough that we elected not to shoot the tie off and used reverse animal count to determine the match winner.

Lunch, as usual, was super. Momma Lorraine made roast beef on fresh rolls, cole slaw, with banana bars for desert. Coralee brought homemade cinnamon apple rolls for an early snack and Jim Rodebaugh brought some cheese and salami platters. A big thank you for all the wonderful food!

We are thinking to do a Historic Target Rifle match next Saturday at Smithmoor East. Let me know if anyone is interested. Hopefully we will have good enough weather to shoot at Watkins on Feb 3, and we will have our February 22 match on Feb 10th. In the past, our February match has been our largest, so please let us know if you are thinking of coming as we are likely to fill up. Coralee has put together our 2018 Smithmoor Calendar so please have a look at it. Some exciting news is we will be hosting the Smithmoor Spring Match over Memorial Weekend again and a Wyoming State Championship BPCR and 22 BPCR match the third weekend in August! Watch for match flyers to be coming out. Check out the Smithmoor Facebook page for lots of pictures.
Thank you to all that shoot our matches and support our ranges!
Cody Smith

Shooter Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place
Cody Smith 3 10 7 7 27 MW
Joe Kapler 3 8 6 8 25
Mark Pachares 1 4 6 5 16
Kevin Finney 2 10 6 9 27 1st

Dan Womer 1 1 2 4 8
Greg Bybee 0 6 4 2 12
Steve Anderson 1 8 7 5 21
Link Smith 0 5 2 5 12
Scott Kirby 0 7 7 7 21
Jim Rodebaugh 2 7 7 7 23 1st

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