2020 Montana State Silhouette BPCR Championship

This is where you can place your scores from the matches. It uses an excel spread sheet! If you send me your sheet of scores I can put it on the forum and provide a link where everyone can view it.

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2020 Montana State Silhouette BPCR Championship

Post by Del » Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:41 pm

The 2020 Montana State Silhouette BPCR Championship is in the books. We had 28 shooters for Scope and 27 for Iron Sights. The weather wasn't too bad for the Scope matches with warm temperatures and mild winds. Remember, this is Butte and mild winds here can be considerable compared to other ranges. Wind had to be watched and corrected for on all animals (even chickens) with wind reversals that would go clear off the animal. Changing tailwinds caused up and down issues as well.

Thursday Mark Griffis tied Bill Huxtable with each shooting 29 but Mark won the high score by hitting three chickens to Bill's two. Heather Griffis won High Score for Friday with a 29. Mark and Heather tied for the Overall Aggregate at 56 and ended it in a shootout. Heather hit her first chicken, then Mark hit his first as well. Then they both missed the next three but Heather finally hit her fifth chicken. Mark couldn't answer the call and Heather won the Overall! Her prize was an MVA scope with mounts donated by Jim Gier at MVA, a hardwood scope box donated by Trent Schutte, and several pounds of Swiss powder donated by Jim Kirkland at Petro-Explo. And braggin' rights to kick Mark around with for awhile!!!

Saturday morning dawned with a fair wind with the promise from the weatherman that a storm was due in at about 1:00 pm. And then there was the issue of a mystery wind primarily at the Ram line. Flags going left, left on your sight, and the bullet goes off the right side of the animal. Not so apparent on the Turkey line but pretty common issue with many on the Rams. But, being the lying SOB that the weatherman is, the wind calmed down starting at about noon and what should have been really tough shooting ended up going pretty well. The weather did finally show up in the evening with hail and lots of rain, which made the berms dark for the Sunday match. Bryan Youngberg shot a 28 and took High Score for Saturday.

Sunday was fairly cold in the low 50's with a pretty steady tailwind and heavy overcast. Things went pretty well until the last relay of the second bank of animals. Then all hell broke loose with lightning and thunder and lots of rain and wind. As there weren't many shooters in the third relay, we were able to finish that relay by shooting at banks that were still standing as we couldn't let the target setters go out in the lightning. The lightning dissipated quickly as the storm passed by and the match was able to continue. We were on bank six going to Pigs and our spot on the line had water running through it and Dan and I didn't feel like getting soaked so we passed on the last two banks of animals.

Bill Huxtable tied with Darrell Smithson for High Score for Sunday with each shooting a 28 but Bill won by animal count by shooting 5 chickens to Darrell's three. Darrell tied with Bryan Youngberg for the Overall Aggregate with each shooting 55. In the subsequent shootoff, Darrell and Bryan missed all five in the first bank and went to sudden-death where Darrell hit his first one but Bryan missed his. Darrell took home the Iron Sight Championship award.

Scores were down somewhat with not a single Master Score being shot in either Scope or Irons all weekend which is pretty normal for Butte. As a side note, Butte may not be putting on silhouette matches in the future, as Butch stepped down from doing it several years ago, and currently Warren Liebers who started to take it over has decided to return to Alaska and no one else wants to step up. With dwindling numbers showing up to shoot and lack of interest in club members to step up, only time will tell if Butte continues to hold matches.

The scores can be seen here:

http://www.mtbpcr.com/2020MontanaState ... ship.html
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