Reloading Supplies

Brass, Dies, Compression dies

Used for pan lubing and lubri-sizing. Shiloh highly recommends this lube. Available in lube sticks and 1lb tub.

Made with the same chamber reamer as your Shiloh Rifles are chambered with. Additional nose punches are available for different bullet nose designs....

Shiloh 32 and 50 hole loading block. For the reloader! This thick design keeps taller cases from tipping over. Available in 40, 45, and 50 Caliber. note:...

Tired of Ruining expensive Brass? Try the Shiloh compression die allowing you to see everything that's happening.

Vegetable fiber gasket material is made to resist high heat & compression and are water resistant. 1000 wads per bag. Available in .030" & .060" thick....

This Case Iron is used to remove small rim dents. It will iron out most dents in one pass.

Solid Oak, Brass tube and funnel. This drop tube is designed to reload single cases or Simply twist the tower 180 degrees and use with a loading Block. A...

Calibers available in the Legacy Series: 40-65, 40-70SS, 45-90, 45-110, 45-120, 50-70 Govt., 50-90SS. Prices subject to change. Other calibers available by...

45/90 Starline - 20 Rounds per bag