Rifle Custom Features

Customize your Shiloh Sharps Rifle

Buying a fine rifle such as our Shiloh Model 1874, 1877 represents a substantial investment. Therefore, it pays to give some thought beforehand to those optional features which might make your rifle unique. For instance, the pewter forearm tip is one of our most popular options. Although it serves no function, it is an elegant touch with historical precedent.

Another option that many rifle buyers order is an upgrade in the wood. Stepping up from ordinary wood to semi-fancy or even extra fancy can make the difference in your rifle appearing as just one among others, or as a very special individual.

When going for extra special wood we also recommend our AA and AAA hand-rubbed finishes. They give beautiful wood the protection it deserves. One custom option that serves a function besides cosmetics is to have the color case-hardened checkered steel buttplate fitted to the shotgun style buttstock. Not only does such a buttplate protect the wood during everyday handling, the checkering gives a nonslip surface while shooting.

Rest assured the extra cost for custom options is never wasted. It only makes an already fine rifle more valuable.


Shiloh Sharps reserves the right to refuse to produce certain barrel/caliber combinations. In such an event, we will contact you about appropriate alternatives.

Announcing 3 new calibers being offered: 405 Winchester, Shiloh 40-82, 40-50ST.

Available Calibers
30-40K 40-90 3 1/4 ST 45-100 2 6/10 ST
38-55 40-90 2 5/8 BN 45-110 2 7/8 ST
40-50 1 11/16BN 44-77 BN 45-120 3 1/4 ST
40-65 WIN 44-90 50-70 1 3/4ST
40-70 2 1/4 BN 45-70 2 1/10 ST 50-90 2 1/2 ST
40-70 2 1/2 ST 45-90 2 4/10 ST

NOTE: A 405 Winchester cannot be produced in a standard weight barrel.

Wood/Finish Upgrades

Type Amount
Semi Fancy$428.00
Extra Fancy$700.00
Presentation $1282.00
AA Finish
(hand-rubbed tung oil)
AAA Finish
(additional coats tung oil)

Metal Finishes

Please be advised that the difference between "antiqued" and "color-cased finish" is quite remarkable. Color-cased finish yields a new-looking rifle while antique is just that--a rifle that looks every bit 150 years old.

Type Amount
A. Antique Finish - Heavy (Shown with deep style engraving) $385.00
B. Pack-Hardened - (Shown with deep style engraving) $363.00
C. French Gray $220.00
D. Pack-Hardened - (No Engraving) $363.00

Please note: these prices also do not include engraving. Please visit the Engraving Room for more information.


Type Amount
A. Steel Crescent
(Straight Stock only, no cheekpiece)
B. Steel Military
(Straight Stock only, no cheekpiece)
No Charge
C. Traditional Steel Shotgun
(Shotgun Stock)
D. Hard Rubber Shotgun
(Shotgun Stock)
No Charge

Please note: these prices also do not include engraving. Please visit the Engraving Room for more information.

Special Barrels & Triggers

Type Amount
A. 25lb Bull Barrel
Dimensions: Muzzle End 1.480. Breech End 1.580
Available in 30", 32", and 34"
B. 16lb Bull Barrel
Dimensions: Muzzle end: 1.325 diameter. Breech end: 1.425 diameter.
Available in 30 only
C. 14lb Bull Barrel
Dimensions: Muzzle end: 1.225 diameter. Breech end: 1.325 diameter.
Available in 30 only
D. Trigger Conversion
Convert single trigger creedmoor to a double set trigger
E. Ghost Ring Swivel Mount
Ghost Ring sling mount swivel used only on standard half octagon barrels
F. Matte Finish
Machine cut matte finish on octagon barrel only (top flat only)

Forearm Tips, Pistol Grips, and Swivel Studs

Type Amount
A. Schnabble Style
Hand-carved Ebony Forearm Tip
B. Round Style
Hand-carved Ebony Forearm Tip
Traditional Pewter Tip
(Not Shown)
C. Ebony Pistol Grip
D. Schnabble Pistol Grip
E. Front & Rear Swivel Studs
(Only on full octagon barrels)

Cheekpieces and Escutcheons

Type Amount
A. Blackened with Blackened Screws (set of three) No Charge
B. Brass with Blackened Screws (set of three) $28.00
Not Shown - Polished screws (Fire blued or blackened polished) $85.00
C. Standard Cheekpiece No Charge
D. Cheekpiece with accent line $73.00
Not shown - Left handed cheekpiece $60.00

1877 Custom Features

These custom features are only available for the original 1877 models. NOTE: Presentation Grade American Black Walnut is not available for the 1877 models.

Type Amount
A. Flared Forearm Panel $303.00
B. Rigby Rib $330.00
C. Schnabble on Pistol Grip $303.00
E. Ebony Inlay Pistol Grip $242.00
F. Ebony Inlay Forearm $242.00

1877 Caliber Options

38-55 40-70 2 1/4 BN
40-50 1 11/16 BN 40-90 2 5/8 BN
40-50 1 7/8 ST 45-70 2 1/10
40-65 45/90 2 4/10
40-70 2 1/2 ST 45/100 2 6/10

Other Features

Type Amount
Background fill for engraving
(used on French Gray finish only)
Custom bedding forearm $55.00
Rear dovetail & buckhorn sights
(when not a standard feature)
Length of pull changes
(to go shorter than standard pull - standard pull is 14" to 14 1/4")
Length of pull changes
(to go longer than our standard pull - standard pull is 14" to 14 1/4")
Call for Pricing
Hartford collar on barrel
Patch Box
(an option on standard/semi-fancy wood, military buttstock only)
Polished Barrel $145.00
Saddle ring bar & ring $145.00
Traditional checkering
(buttstock & forearm)