The Shiloh 1877 Sharps -- By Lucinda Bryan

by Shiloh Rifle

Samuel Johnson was correct when he said, "Great Works are performed not by strength but by perseverance." Kirk, Randy R., Norene, Chad, Dad and our crew did just that. Shiloh Rifle is very excited to bring out another piece of Sharps history to be added to the collection! The long awaited Shiloh 1877 Sharps! The Shiloh Model 1877 is every bit as beautiful and historically correct as our rifles are now. We have been working since 2011 building fixtures and making sure that everything is just right before we unveiled our newest addition to the Sharps family. I am excited to share some of the photos of the steps taken to build this rifle. In April 2013 the first 1877 was produced by Shiloh Rifle and Kirk shot it at the Texas State Silhouette match.

Upon our return, we began work on the pistol grip 1877 in Turkish walnut. Chad began to build a pattern and carve the stock and fit the new parts. Kirk started in on the barrel and custom features and Dad had to start making the screws. Suzi, our engraver has worked up new patterns for this model. As you turn to page 12 you will see the rifle and the custom features and calibers being offered ONLY on this rifle.