Standing Behind the Heroes Who Protect the Line - By Lucinda Bryan

by Shiloh Rifle

This year’s catalog is dedicated to our men and women in law enforcement and to those who sacrifice their life in the line of duty! From the police/sheriff’s officers, firefighters and our military, to the dispatchers who answer the call and maintain calmness through it all.

May this country never forget why we have our freedoms and who answers when we call 911: the men and women who come to your rescue at all hours of the day and night.

Our Heros

Firefighters, Police, EMT's too,
they answer the call of duty
they're always there for you.

No matter the time of day
they are on their way.
Whether it's putting out fires
or taking bad guys away.

They answer every call
no matter how big or small.
Helping strangers everyday
while putting their lives in harm's way;
they don't get very much pay
except for their gratification
of saving lives each day.

It takes a special kind of person
to do the job they do.
So the next time you dial 911
remember, that they do it all for you.

By Cathy Booth


Our Veterans are heroes
of days long ago.
Where they served their country
fighting our foe.

Protecting our freedom
and our liberty too.
While serving under
the red, white and blue.

They very humbly
march in parades.
Not looking for recognition
or for anyone's praise.

They deserve all this
and so much more.
But instead people seem
of them to ignore.

So the next time you see
our veterans pass you by.
Stand up and salute them
and wave your flag up high.

By Cathy Booth