40 Year Old Company and 25 Years of That Under OUR Ownership -- By Lucinda Bryan

by Shiloh Rifle

25 Years of commitment to our customers

25 years of dedication to the product

25 years of 100% American made product

Welcome to our silver edition of the 2016 Shiloh Rifle Catalog. This Company originally started in 1976 in Farmingdale New York on one man’s dream! To re-create the sharps rifle and to be the ONLY company in the world whose parts interchange with the original and that was accomplished. Shiloh Rifle then moved to Big Timber Montana in the mid-80’s where the work continued. On April 1st, 1991 the Bryan family purchased Shiloh Rifle and officially took it to the next level of manufacturing! In 1993 Shiloh rifle added 3000 square feet to its existing building which created our new showroom, sanding room and accessory department. Our goal was to increase productivity without losing craftsmanship and to eventually build our own Foundry, which was the last step in everything being manufactured in Big Timber. Boulder River Foundry with the help of our partner Randy Rembold, came alive in 1996 as our investment casting company. Boulder River Foundry, does all of the casting of parts for our rifle and then are delivered next door where the Shiloh crew continues to a final and completed rifle. In 2014 we unveiled our newest production sharps to the line, the 1877.

Those of you who know us as a family, know who we are personally and what we stand and believe in. This year’s cover represents who we are as a business and family. We have not forgotten our veterans because without them we would not have our freedoms to own a business, voice our opinions, speak or think as one wants without hesitation.

We want to give a big thank you to all of our customers who have believed in us and have supported us from the time this company started and to our longtime friends, that we have met on our 25 year journey thru shooting, gun shows and ordering rifles, we want to say thanks and we look forward to another 25 years with all of you.